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Yue Chinese Restaurant is named after Cantonese cuisine (Simplified Chinese: 广; traditional Chinese: 廣東菜; pinyin: Guangdongcái) which originates from Guangdong province and is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisine. Its prominence outside China is due to the great numbers of early emigrants from Guangdong. Cantonese chefs are highly sought after throughout China. When Westerners speak of Chinese food, they usually refer to Cantonese cuisine.
Our restaurant offer an exceptional dining experience with authentic and dynamic dishes created with quality ingredients. The menu of Yue is based on the classic Cantonese dishes which is toss in a wok , featured by Southern China"s local flavour characteristics. Many other cooking methods are also commonly used, these include shallow frying, double steaming, braising and stir frying. However, the most favourable methods are steaming and stir-frying due to convenience and rapidity.
Taking advantage of South Australia"s rich and quality food resources, we developed a number of recipes to turn the best ingredients into authentic dishes. Chef Danny also roasts his own duck in the house for guaranteed freshness.
We are fortunate to be surrounded by a world famous wine regions. We have listed well picked local produces into our wine list, thus offers customers a truly memorable experience. The combination of perfect dishes and wines makes us the best place for tasting Chinese cuisine.
Please speak to our friendly staff if you have any food allergies or questions about the ingredients. We hope you have an enjoyable time with us.
Chef Danny